Pillsure Pocket

Smart Pillsure Pocket devices are beautifully designed portable pill dispensers that fit perfectly into your hand and pocket. They’re designed to improve everyday living, enabling you to be independent and mobile, even away from home.

Pillsure Pocket and Pillsure Home, reduces costs and provides peace of mind by supporting individuals who can self-administer their own medication or those who may require support by family, friends or professionals to maintain their medication.

It is common knowledge that medication can prolong life and enable people to live independently in the community. However, complex medication regimes can be confusing, difficult to sustain and diminish self-confidence. This can lead to severe consequences which pressurises health and social care agencies and may lead to hospital admission. This increases Social Care and Health Care Costs.

The solutions are our products, Pillsure Pocket and Pillsure Home, as they reduce costs by supporting those individuals that:

  • ^Have problems managing their medication
  • ^Become confused with the regimen
  • ^Have difficulties remembering the times and dates as per their prescription
  • ^Cannot tell the difference between medication, bottles and standard blister pack compartments

Pillsure Pocket and Pillsure Home are user friendly, safe, lightweight and more advanced than any other model on the market.